The Japanese Disaster Relief Fund – Boston (JDRFB) was created in March 2011 as a local vehicle for giving aid to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This two-year fund was a unique collaboration among three nonprofit organizations: the Boston Foundation, the Japan Society of Boston and the Fish Family Foundation.

Thanks to your generosities and support, JDRFB has distributed 24 grants to 19 nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups providing direct support to survivors of the disaster in Tohoku. With this, our mission accomplished and our operation completed. JDRFB is no longer accepting or soliciting further donations, grant proposals or requests for funding.

We will continue to work with our existing grantees and provide occasional updates and news of their progress. If you'd like to continue your support of Tohoku, please visit our grants page for the complete list of our grantees for you to consider directly contributing to. 

With the completion of JDRFB's work, a final report has been published. A hard copy as well as an electronic version is available. Again, we thank you for your support!

JDRFB Final Report on Tohoku - March 11, 2013



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JDRFB Final Report on Tohoku - March 11, 2013

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