Advisory Committee

JDRFB benefits from an advisory committee bringing expertise in grant making and philanthropy. In addition, our networks in Japan enable us to make direct impact grants to organizations and communities in Tohoku.

Atsuko Fish, Co-Founder, Japanese Disaster Relief Fund – Boston, Trustee, Fish Family Foundation

Tref Borden, Executive Director, Fish Family Foundation

Elly Brown, Project Consultant, Root Cause

Bhaird Cambell, Program Marketing Manager, Japan Society Boston

Yun-Ju Choi, Director of Donor Services, The Boston Foundation

Beatriz Datangel, Senior at Simmons College

Larry Fish, Trustee, Fish Family Foundation

Professor Andrew Gordon, Lee and Juliet Folger Fund Professor of History, Director of the Reischauer

Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University

Peter Grilli, President, Japan Society Boston

Kate Guedj, Vice President of Philanthropic and Donor Services, The Boston Foundation

Jack Huang, Business Owner, Douzo, Basho

Bill Hunt, Chairman, Japan Society Boston

Eishun Maki, President, Cogtec Corp.

Professor Richard Samuels, Ford International Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for International Studies at MIT

Kozue Sawame, Program Manager, Fish Family Foundation

Thaleia Schlesinger, Board Member, Fish Family Foundation


The Japanese Disaster Relief Fund – Boston (JDRFB) was created as a local vehicle for giving to aid those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Launched with a leadership gift of $100,000 from the Fish Family Foundation, the JDRFB has grown to include The Boston Foundation and The Japan Society of Boston. This unique collaboration, marked by expertise in grant making and networks on the ground in Japan, is positioned to make direct impact grants to organizations and communities in Tohoku.

All administrative costs of the fund are covered by the Fish Family Foundation, including on-the-ground needs assessment and due diligence in Japan. This means 100% of the money raised in this fund will directly benefit organizations on the ground, poised to help Japan.

The fund is administered and overseen by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from each collaborating foundation, as well as representatives from the business, philanthropic, and academic community of Boston, all with strong ties to Japan.


About the Boston Foundation

The Boston Foundation is Greater Boston’s community foundation which devotes its resources to building and sustaining a vital, prosperous city and region, where justice and opportunity are extended to everyone. These goals are achieved through making grants to nonprofit organizations and designing special funding initiatives to address this community’s critical challenges; working in partnership with donors and other funders to achieve high-impact philanthropy; and serving as a civic hub and center of information, where ideas are shared, levers for change are identified, and common agendas for the future are developed. All of our work seeks to broaden participation, foster collaboration and heal racial, ethnic and community divisions.

About Japan Society of Boston

The Japan Society of Boston, Inc, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote cultural and economic ties and active interchange between Japanese and Americans for mutual understanding, benefit and enjoyment. The oldest Japan Society in the United States, founded in 1904, it serves as a bridge and programming nexus for a network of individuals, cultural and academic institutions, and business and financial firms, linked together by a strong interest in Japan and a shared recognition of the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship.

About The Fish Family Foundation

The Fish Family Foundation is a private family foundation located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Foundation was established in 1999 by Lawrence K. and Atsuko Fish to formalize the family’s tradition of responsibility to improve its community and to share the joy of giving with future generations. The foundation is dedicated to meeting the human service challenges of lower income individuals and families working to improve the qualities of their lives. The Foundation’s giving is guided by values that the trustees believe are key to carrying out their goal of fulfilling a responsibility to improve the community. The family’s Japanese and Jewish heritage has instilled in the trustees a commitment to cultural diversity and a responsibility to encourage cross cultural understanding and exchange. The trustees carry out the foundation’s mission in a manner that supports trustee unity, continuing education and community involvement for trustees, and a consensus style approach to decision-making.