Thank you for your generosities and support of the Japanese Disaster Relief Fund - Boston. With your donations and fundraising efforts, JDRFB has distributed the funds raised to 19 nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups providing direct support to survivors of the disaster in Tohoku. With this, we consider our mission accomplished and our operation completed. We are not accepting or soliciting further grant proposals or requests for funding. We will continue to work with our existing grantees and provide updates and news of their proress. If you'd like to continue your support of Tohoku, please visit our grants page for the complete list of our grantees for you to consider directly contributing to. Again, we thank you for your support!


Contributors and Supporters:

Our Appreciation and Gratitude (June, 2012)

JDRFB would like to express our deepest appreciation of NGOs who continue to support and contribute to the recovery of local communities in Tohoku.  We would also like to thank all of the generous donors throughout New England for their support of the people and community in Tohoku. We are particularly appreciative of the Japanese Association of Greater Boston for their commitment to helping Tohoku and their dedicated fund raising efforts, which resulted in a total gift from JAGB of $177,219.14.

謝辞 (2012年6月)

私ども、日本災害復興基金ボストンは、我々の趣旨に賛同し、東北復興のために日々活動されている現地NGO法 人の皆様に心からお礼申し上げます。東北地方において、被災した人々およびコミュニティーを支援するために、ご協力いただいたニューイングランド地域の皆 様の寛大なる寄付に深くお礼を申し上げます。また、ボストン日本人会より受けました多大なる寄付金とその献身的努力に対し、ここに感謝の意を表明させてい だだきます。尚、ボストン日本人会からの寄付金総額は$177,219.14となりました。


Students at the Warren-Prescott School in Charlestown, MA has raised $231 and folded 1,000 Origami cranes for the victims from the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disaster.